Core Features

This is a page containing overview of the core features available in the platform.

  • Assignment management

    Overview of today’s assignments provided by the caregiver - clearly marked with which tasks that are done and which are not.

  • Automatic Medication Dispense (old)

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  • Automatic reminders

    Automatic and easy to configure reminders such as push notifications, SMS and / or email.

  • Automatic triage

    Live triaging for deciding appropriate care based on individualized patient parameter thresholds with “stop light”-logic.

  • Data visualisation

    Presentation of patient data for efficient identification of health trends.

  • Device management (old)

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  • Equipment management

    Overview and management of all equipment with the built in solution for all hardware used as part of the service.

  • File sharing

    Easy file sharing via chat, such as photos to give more context to care teams.

  • Individual patient information

    Easy overview on individual level of important information, recent notes and measurements history, as well as today’s tasks and care plan.

  • Information exchange (old)

    Information sharing and storing from caregiver made easy - allowing text and file sharing.

  • Information page

    Easy sharing of important information, educational resources (e.g. physical therapy) and more.

  • Mass updates

    Efficiently manage large populations with mass updates for messages, care plans, tasks and more.

  • Measurement entry (old)

    Measurement of vital signs and other parameters with connected devices, or manual entry - with automatic transfer back to the caregiver through Dignio Prevent. Devices are connected via bluetooth and is automatically paired with the patient’s phone or tablet. No set-up required.

  • Measurement history

    Intuitive presentation of own measurement history with health trends over time.

  • Measurement history (old - delete)

    Intuitive presentation of own measurement history with health trends over time. A critical part in educating patients about their own condition.

  • Medication Compliance (old)

    Medical non-compliance harms the patient’s health and is costly to society. Be sure that your patients take the right medicine at the right time. Receive alerts when medication is missed. Save money by removing costly efforts to ensure compliance.

  • Mini Lab (old)

    Let the patient take different blood tests at home. Along with symptom reporting and other medical measurements, blood tests can give a good picture of the condition. The values are visible on MyDignio and Dignio Prevent and provide good information and self-information in decision-making for health personnel.

  • Multiple configurations

    The app can be delivered in several configurations to adapt to the users’ digital competence - including high-accessibility mode and single-app mode.

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