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Are you interested in learning more about what Dignio can offer you or you want to see a demo? Maybe you are have forgot our support number or just want the address to one of our locations? Please see below how to best reach the correct person in Dignio that can help you!

Business inquiries:
UK / NHS: Ewa Truchanowicz
Nordic: Martin Fredriksen
China: Huijia Lie Sollid
USA: Spencer Waugh
Other: Ole Daniel Nitter
Investors: Andreas Hall

Other inquiries:
Support requests is sent to:
or you can call: +47 699 55 520 (Norwegian customers)
Other inquiries email: or call: +47 699 55 520

Addresses to our offices:

Fredrikstad - google maps link
Oslo - google maps link (12th floor)

Birmingham - google maps link

Shanghai - google maps link