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Our mission

Accelerating the world’s transition to connected care

  • Impact stories

    Improving lives through connected care

    Digitizing aspects of care can help address risk factors for individuals with complex needs. Our solution have helped more than 40.000 patients live healthier and better lives. Read more about how we implemented connected care services for elderly living at home with one or multi-comorbidities in Oslo, and other impact stories.

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  • Dignio Connected Care

    Connecting patients and clinicians closer together

    Dignio is accelerating the world’s transition to connected care, empowering people to live healthier and better lives. Using technology, we bring patients and clinicians closer together, enabling people to take charge of their own health.

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  • Flexible

    One solution - many conditions

    Our solution is flexible to needs and conditions, so that users and providers only need one app to manage several conditions.

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    • Integrated devices

      Dignio is hardware agnostic, and have integrated more than 20+ medical devices from high-quality vendors.

    • Security at Dignio

      We are committed to complying with all applicable data protection regulations and state of the art security standards.

    • Technology

      We deliver a generic, novel and highly flexible platform with a wide range of applications, based on open architecture and standard protocols.

    • Procurement frameworks

      Dignio is on a number of Procurement Frameworks in the UK, including the Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF), Crown Commercial Services Spark Digital Procurement Services (DPS) and The Health & Social Care Apps Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

    • Integrated Care Systems (ICS)

      The remote care platform for integrated care

      Dignio Connected Care supports integrated care systems looking to build multidisciplinary care pathways. Digital remote monitoring can help break down traditional silos, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, and keep patients safe in their own homes.

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        Virtual joined up care

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        One solution - complex conditions

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        Achieve more with less

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    • Digitizing aspects of care can help address risk factors for individuals with complex needs. Independent research proves that Dignio delivers superior results to both patients and health care providers.

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        Feel better control over own health

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        Fewer hospitalisations

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        Cost reduction per patient per month

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    • Decision support

      Make the right decisions for your patients

      See trends and get decision support with access to historical measurements, questionnaires, notes and chat. Be better informed to make decisions on appropriate care.


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      • Integrated devices

        Vital signs monitoring

        Dignio Connected Care is today integrated with more than 20 devices (and counting) through standardised APIs. Results are automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the connected tablet or smartphone, and then to our clinician app. First time pairing is also done in the clinician app - without the hassle of managing bluetooth connections.


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        Using cutting-edge technologies, we’re offering a market-leading, digital platform that connects patients and healthcare professionals together.

        Lars Dahle – CEO

        • Care Home Support

          Integrated care for care homes

          With Dignio Care, care teams can easily collaborate internally and with external clinical teams to provide quality care. Dignio Connected Care for Care Homes supports vital sign measurements, soft sign reporting, automatic triaging, digital care plans, communication and more.

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            Multidisciplinary by default

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            Single, shared, holistic view

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            Prevention, intervention, escalation, response

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        More than a monitoring system – explore our features:

        • Automatic reminders

          Automatic and easy to configure reminders such as push notifications, SMS and / or email.

        • Equipment management

          Overview and management of all equipment with the built in solution for all hardware used as part of the service.

        • File sharing

          Easy file sharing via chat, such as photos to give more context to care teams.

        • Measurement history

          Intuitive presentation of own measurement history with health trends over time.

        • NEWS2 assessment

          National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) trigger scoring system to measure acute deterioration.

        • Pathway builder

          Setting up and adjusting a pathway can be done using templates or customized within minutes.

        • Questionnaire builder

          Simple and user friendly creation and distribution of questionnaires - individualized or for groups.

        • Secure video and chat

          Encrypted video and chat with patients, team members and care home staff.

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